Wednesday, January 9, 2013

NYX Caviar & Bubbles Palette Review

I bought this off of Amazon last summer and until recently, had used it sparingly. I think they changed the name of it from Champagne & Caviar to Caviar & Bubbles. I couldn't find this on the NYX website but you can find it on Amazon for $11!

I really do like the packaging. I LOVE that it includes a huge mirror and even though I didn't use the sponge-tip applicators, it's nice to have just in case I want to use the palette on a friend or don't have brushes handy. The only immediate con I see is that the top row colors look painfully similar.

(From left to right)

1 - This shade is so light most people would only use it as a highlight.

2 - This shade is barely visible and is good to neutralize your whole eyelid.

3 - I prefer this shadow to #2 when neutralizing my lid but I honestly don't find myself using it all that often.

4 - This one I use a lot on my lid with #5 in the crease. It's a shimmery color that adds a nice contrast to the crease color.

5 - This one is a bit darker than 4, which is why I like to use it as a subtle contour.

6 - You can barely see it, but there is a swatch of the white on the very left. This is excellent to brighten up your eyes subtly but it's not good if you want an extremely opaque white!

7 - This shade is barely noticeable.

8 - This is a good medium brown shade that I like to add in the outer corner for definition. It's not extremely pigmented but it does the job.

9 - The swatch shows the color is pink but when worn on the lid, it seems just like a shimmery cream color- not a fan!

10 - This black is decent. I use it to set my liquid eyeliner and I used it to smoke out my eyeshadow on New Year's Eve. It didn't fade or smudge or crease!

Here's a look I did with #4 on my lid, #5 in the crease, and #8 in the outer corner!

This is before I added the medium brown shade in my outer corner.

All in all, this palette is a miss for me. I would not repurchase or purchase any of NYX's other 10 color eyeshadow palettes. They aren't extremely pigmented and there isn't much variety in the palette. Overall I give it a 2/5. If you want an inexpensive, subtle wash of color to your eyes then this palette might be for you. For the $11 price tag, it wasn't for me. I will continue to use it, however, but am still on the lookout for a good neutral eye palette (something that isn't either Naked palettes!)


  1. I tend to find myself disappointed with nyx shadows more often than not as well, which is disappointing because i love so many of their other products =/ x

    1. Awh that's a bummer to hear! But yeah, I won't be picking up any more of their eyeshadows soon. I also love a lot of their other products so it's weird that their eyeshadows aren't as great :(