Saturday, January 5, 2013

Urban Decay Vegan Palette Review

While this palette is no longer sold on Urban Decay's website, I did manage to find it on Amazon

I received this palette as a 'gift' from a good friend. Every time I came over to her house, I would play with it. She decided, after realizing I used it much more than she did, to give it to me. Therefore, I just received the shadows. She kept the mini primer potion and the mini eyeliner.

I really like this palette and would have actually bought it myself if my friend had not given it to me! 

The shadows in it are just really gorgeous and can be used in any season.

(from left to right)

Minx: A beautiful bright blue but with a lot of glitter fallout. This is best used on the lower lash line, if used at all.

Urb: A light shimmery green. This one doesn’t have as much fallout as Minx and it’s definitely subtler. If you want a neutral green, this is it.

Gunmetal: I love using this color to darken my looks. It’s great for going out and for the fall time.

Twice Baked: This shadow I like to use in my outer v or as liner. This one has a bit of fallout so be careful!

Smog: This shadow is awesome as well! It gives definition when used with Half Baked.

Half Baked: This is my all time favorite gold eye shadow. It’s so soft and pigmented! I sincerely hope I will never run out of this color!

Well, that's it. I give the eyeshadows a 8/10 because although they are pigmented, a couple shades have some fallout. They do, however, last an extremely long time. I recommend it!


  1. I love the color payoff of each color! They're so delicate, yet bold! I love the way you displayed them in the photos! How are you? I love your blog! It's very simple, organized, and clean! My name is Aubrey if you wanted to chat sometime!

    PS: I make free photoshop graphics for fellow bloggers!

    Breviary Rose

    1. Thank you so much! I followed your blog as well! It's nice to meet you Aubrey- I'm actually looking through your blog right now haha :)

  2. I have this palette and love it as well! I do find the fall out to be a bit annoying especially with the glittery shades because they end up all over my face lol, but I love the colors and they're so easy to work with otherwise :) x