Friday, February 22, 2013

Book Review: Matched

I dislike sharing books I don't like but I decided that I had to write a review for this book. Here's a summary so you can get an idea about what I'm talking about:

"Cassia lives in a "perfect" world where everything is decided by the Society. There are no worries for tough decisions because the Society has already taken care of it. Even when she reaches the age to be matched, the many factorials are carefully sorted for optimal results. When a glitch in the seemingly perfect system appears, it leaves Cassia to wonder if the Society is really all that it claims the best there is to life."

I liked the premise of the book- that the Society was perfect and questioning it was forbidden. I normally love Dystopian novels but this one was poorly written and too cliché for my taste. I liked the color symbolism in that the people in charge wore white (as if they were pure) and the lower classes wore brown, blue, or grey (as if they were dirty and below the ones in white). I never felt like the Society was dangerous until there was an actual confrontation. I felt like the author just assumed the reader would believe the danger without seeing examples of it. Cassia was always running and hiding but I never saw what she needed to hide/run from. The Society didn't seem like much of a threat until the confrontation. The love triangle has been so overdone but surprisingly this one was a little different and I actually liked how it played out. The whole "Do I choose who I love or was it chosen for me?" problem was really interesting as I'm a huge fan of the fate versus free will debate.

The internal monologue got to be boring and expected after a while as she just seemed to reiterate the same details over and over again. I would have actually liked the book to be written in third person versus first person. I didn't feel like the settings were ever described in much detail either. I kept wondering, do buildings look different in this Society? What's in their bedrooms? There were only a few settings that were given more than a paragraph of description but for me that wasn't enough. I like to actually be there and know that if I look around a room, I can tell exactly where everything is.

Overall, it wasn't a horrible book. I don't think I can recommend it to anyone with the feelings I have toward it. If you enjoyed it or if you didn't, leave a comment because I'd love to know your thoughts!

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