Monday, February 4, 2013

Review: Wet N Wild Mega Liner

I'm not going to make this review very long. In short, I adore this liquid liner. I love the packaging, I love the price ($2.99?! Yes please!), and I love how long lasting it is. It isn't waterproof but Wet N Wild does make a waterproof version of this liner, if you're interested.

What I don't like about this liner is the brush. I think because it is such an inexpensive product, they didn't spend much time designing the brush. It's similar to a paintbrush which will allow you to make a thin or thick line. Unfortunately it's quite challenging to create a wing with it. The brush doesn't thin out to a point very well.

I do love how black the liner is and how buildable it is. I do recommend this liner but keep in mind that it is hard to make a wing with it. With practice, it will come easier and in my opinion that justifies me continuing to purchase it. (This is my second one!)

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