Friday, April 5, 2013

A Few Current Favorites

There's something really satisfying about being on Spring Break. Sleeping in and lounging around my home has been quite enjoyable lately. I have a few favorites to share with you (some beauty related and some not) that I've been loving recently.

#1: Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea has been my go-to tea recently as it helps with nausea and I absolutely love the taste! Sometimes I'll add some honey to sweeten it and add a bit more flavor. I definitely recommend peppermint tea!

#2: Orly's Nail Defense

I am almost done with this bottle but I know I will definitely repurchase this in the near future. It makes my nail polish last so long as well as providing a smooth base for the polish.

#3: NYX's Slide On Glide On...pencil liner in Jet Black

I use this liner everyday. It is so pigmented and soft! I recommend this to anyone. I use it to tightline, on my waterline, and sometimes as a regular liner. It's so awesome.

#4: ELF Kabuki Brush

This is one of my better impulse purchases. I had been wanting a kabuki brush for a long time and when I saw the ELF one at Target, I knew I had to try it out. This brush is so soft and makes putting on powder enjoyable!

#5: Old Movies

I don't have any photos for this favorite. Recently I was going through my DVDs to get ready for a garage sale and saw some old favorites. I watched Ella Enchanted, Napoleon Dynamite, & A Cinderella Story. Even though I was way too old to fully enjoy all of them, I did like rewatching them and I found myself quoting some of the lines! 

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