Sunday, June 2, 2013

Memorial Day Eyes

Sorry I have been so absent lately- my grandpa died a week ago on Friday and ever since I've been at my grandma's house grieving and going through his things. My grandpa served in the army in World War 2. He was in Italy and was wounded in service. To honor him and to help get out some of my emotion, I decided to go a little brighter with my makeup on Memorial Day. I know it's almost a week since then but I really liked my eye look and would still like to share. It's something I will probably be wearing on Fourth of July!

Here's how to create this look:

1) Start off with a very good primer!
2) Apply a pigmented white base (I used NYX's Milk)
3) Apply a pigmented white shadow (I used a white from a NYX 10 color shadow palette)
4) Apply a skin tone shadow in the crease to gradually fade the white out.
5) Add blue eyeliner (I used Wet N Wild's blue liquid liner) Wing it out if desired.
6) Apply a red shadow with a liner brush to your lower lash line.
7) Apply white glitter to lid if desired (I did, but it didn't photograph well!
8) Add a black liner to your water line and tight line.
9) Add mascara!

That's it! It's really a lot simpler than it seems and the result lasts all day (even on my oily lids).
For a video tutorial click here

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