Saturday, June 1, 2013

Review: NYX Concealer (in a jar)

I had heard a little about this concealer from NYX but I finally decided to try it out.

This concealer claims that it is lightweight and crease free. Unfortunately, these claims only held true for the first couple hours. 

Before & After

I had to apply two layers of this product to get the desired effect. I didn't want to brighten up my eyes but merely conceal the dark circles I have.

After 3-4 hours, this concealer starts to act weird underneath my eyes. It creases near my lash line and almost seems to lift up in other places.

In conclusion, I believe this products claims of being lightweight and crease free to be true only for a few hours. This is not something you want to have on your face for long periods of time. I also tried putting this one acne/dark spots on my face & it seemed to do similar things. Fail! I do not recommend this product.

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