Sunday, June 23, 2013

Review: Zoya Remove + Polish Remover

I bought this last November for $10 at Ulta. I had high expectations and this product didn't disappoint.

I first heard about this product from NYCGeorgette as a dupe for non-cruelty free polish removers. It's very expensive compared to the regular store brand removers but it does the job easily and without a mess!

One of the first things I noticed was the twist top- one way to open and the other way to close. Because of this nice packaging, it was always easy to open and close but I also didn't have any trouble traveling with it. It never opened on it's own or spilled in the car.

Another feature that is unique is the dispenser. It squirts the product out of three different small holes in the center of the top. You simply push down and it dispenses enough product to remove the polish for around 1-3 nails, depending on the formula and if you used glitter! This saves you from wasting product and from accidentally knocking the container over and spilling it everywhere.

Now let's talk about the formula and the claims- it claims to remove polish, clean nails, and prep nails for another manicure. I believe all these three claims are accurate. It removes the polish pretty easily, cleans my nails, and preps them. Sometimes I use this right before another manicure  ,when I don't have anything on my nails, just as extra preparation. I notice that the polish goes on smoother and with less bumps or bubbles than when I didn't use this remover. Another added bonus is that it doesn't smell bad- at least to me it doesn't! :)

So overall, I recommend this product to anyone who doesn't mind the $10 price tag!

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