Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June Favorites

June has been a whirlwind of stress, heat, and more stress. I've spent most weekends at my grandma's house, going through a whole bunch of stuff to figure out if we should keep it or throw it out. We had a garage sale and raised a bit of cash to help my grandma get the care she needs. She has stage 4 kidney disease, diabetes, and is now mourning the loss of her husband that she's been with for 70 years. It will, like many other things, get better. My friends and I are also trying to secure an apartment for this school year. The rent of the apartment we want is around $550, which is $50 more a month than I planned on. This is adding even more stress. I am already committed so it is out of the question to back out and live at home instead. Regardless, I am still excited. Now that this little update is over, let's move on with my favorites!

1) The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil: This is the sample size that comes in the tee tree oil kit I got on sale last year. I have been obsessed with this little bottle of product this month. I apply it with a cotton swab morning and night and let me tell you- a little bit of product goes a long way! This helps slow down my breakouts as well as shrinking the acne that's already there. It even helps with the pain that some of my acne brings with it. I can't recommend this product enough. If this is inaccessible for you or too expensive, you can also buy tea tree oil at Trader Joe's. It comes in a bigger container but it should work about the same.

2) My everyday eye look: I have been playing around with the shadows that I'm project panning and came up with something I've been enjoying for the past week. I added two colors that I want to finish up from my ELF 24 shadow palette- a shimmery pink all over my lid and a light pink in the crease. It brightens up my eye look and adds that bit of color I love having on my face.

3) Sue Devitt Color Luxury Lipstick in Samoa: I wrote a review on this product earlier this month and since then I've been using it frequently. If I wasn't on a no-buy and if I didn't have so many other lip products to choose from, I would be open to trying out some of the other shades. The price is a bit high for the amount you get, so I'll let you be the judge on whether you need it or not. This is nice paired with the eye look above.

4) Forever 21 Triangle Necklace: I bought this necklace a couple months ago after lusting after triangle necklaces for a while before that. It's pictured at the top of this post if you want to check it out! For $5.80, it's an inexpensive addition to your necklace collection and plus it comes in silver & in gold. 

5) Orly's Rage: Let me put a little disclaimer here first- I am such a fan of this nail polish's color, finish, and application however the staying power sucks. I understand that foil polishes usually don't last that long but I figured a "higher quality" company should try to reinvent the formula to last longer. Anyway, this is the prettiest rose gold color I have ever come across (it shows up a little different in different lightings). I've been drooling over this polish for months, literally months before seeing it 50% off at CVS a couple weeks ago. I knew I had to postpone starting my project pan until after I bought it. Even though the staying power sucks (it started chipping a lot at only 3 days), I don't regret buying it because it's such a beautiful color. 

So those are my five favorites this month- what are some of your favorites this month? 

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