Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Review: Lorac Behind the Scenes Primer

Do you sense a pattern here? You might be able to tell that I'm currently on a review kick on the items I'm project panning. I've already reviewed ELF's Tickled Pink blush but there are many more I haven't shared my thoughts on. This mini primer came with my Lorac Unzipped Palette I bought just over a year ago. I haven't used this primer every single day, regardless it has lasted months!!

Unfortunately, the first thing I don't like about this primer is the packing. I like the squeeze tube but the top always makes a mess regardless if I wipe off the excess!

The blending is really easy and you really don't need a lot for each eye. The texture is extremely smooth & light on the eyes. It's a lot thinner than UD Primer Potion and around the same as the $1 ELF primer. 

Here is what the primer claims/benefits (I got this off the website):

Bentone Gel - Emparts a pleasant residual silkiness to the skin: This is apparent and feels nice. It isn't anything too special in my opinion.
Net Trioctanoin - Excellent emollient/moisturizer: Since the primer is so thin, I don't feel any moisturizing effects.
Beeswax White - Conditioning agent: Same as above.
TimironSilk Red - Mica; helps provide a healthy glow: This isn't too apparent to the naked eye.
TalcBC - provides powdery afterfeel and finish; anticaking agent: This holds true. Eyeshadow is easy to apply after this primer.
Micropoly520 - Film former; line filler: I don't have lines on my eyes so I can't respond to that claim sorry!
Anti-crease formula: I have oily eyelids but the UD Primer Potion does last all day/night for me. After 5-6 hours of wear with this primer (no matter the eyeshadow I'm wearing) it will crease on me. 
Increase longevity of eye shadow: It increases the longevity of some crappier eyeshadows I have but it still creases!
Silky finish: I don't know if I'd call it silky but it does leave a smoother finish to my eyelids.
Corrects imperfections and discoloration on lid: My lids are still young and not too discolored. I feel like it doesn't do much in that department though, as it blends into my skin and all but disappears.
Lightweight: That's one of the things I love about this primer!
Smooth formula easy to spread: Definitely!

Overall, I would recommend trying out a mini or sample size before you try the full size. It might work on your eyes! If you have oily eyelids, I would stay away as this won't hold up compared to other similarly priced primers. 

Let me know if this primer works/doesn't work for you. I'm curious to see what others think about this primer!

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