Thursday, August 1, 2013

July Favorites/Update

I've wanted to give you all an update on my life recently because I've had a bit of changes since last month. The most fun change is that I've started watching Doctor Who on Netflix! I never thought I could get into something with so many aliens and special effects but I love the Doctor! I'm on the fourth season now and even made a tumblr to obsess over it.

Before work one day I went to the US Open with my friend. It was hot and there were hoards of people but it was totally worth seeing my friend. Recently you've seen tons of book reviews because my job was basically reading for six hours everyday. The next week (last week) I was changed to a job where I actually got to do something. Unfortunately that position gave me less hours so I asked to be switched back. So just to let you know, expect a couple more book reviews in the coming weeks. I'm trying to incorporate more beauty posts but I will probably be posting less because of stress and all that.

As far as my eyeshadow project pan (which you might have seen was deleted), I've decided to rethink it all. I threw away this palette and another one (which you will see in my empties) because I've had them so long that it seemed dumb to keep them and use them up when I had newer eyeshadows that were better quality. So I'm deciding whether I should do another eyeshadow project pan or just try to use my shadows equally. I'm still doing the regular Project Pan which I will be posting an update on in September. I've finished up one item so far (yay!!), broke one item, depotted an item, and had to crush another item. All of that is very vague, I know. haha.

Onto my favorites-

1) Sue Devitt Color Luxury Lipstick in Samoa: I've mentioned this in my last favorites so I won't go on and on about it! However, I just love the natural color this gives to my lips. Plus, it doesn't wear off badly and it hydrates my lips well. So basically I've been enjoying natural lip colors this month.

2) Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Full Coverage Foundation in Light: So I've recently gotten more color in my face but this is the only foundation I have so it'll just have to do. I love this foundation for my oily skin because it keeps my shininess at bay while providing nice coverage. It blurs my acne and scarring and lasts a decent amount of time. It hasn't broke my out (yet) but I've been wearing it five days a week for (more or less) 9 hours each day.

That's all I can think of for July- my makeup was very neutral and consisted mostly of the palettes I tossed. What has been a favorite of yours this past July?

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