Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Summer Empties

1) Gud Shampoo: This lasted forever so I don't feel like it was too expensive for the price. However, it didn't clean my hair that well so I would recommend it to those who need more conditioning than cleaning.
2) L'Oreal Sulfate Free Conditioner: I have experienced better conditioners but this one worked well. I liked how it didn't contain sulfates and that this part of the L'Oreal line is cruelty free.

3, 4, &5) Nail Polishes: The red and nude polishes are over 5 years old and therefore need to be thrown out. The Sephora polish came in a mini set and now it's hard to get polish out of the bottle. I wouldn't repurchase any of it.
6) CVS Nail Polish Remover: I didn't feel like this nourished my nails at all but it was a decent remover. I'm not opposed to repurchasing it as I just use it for my toenails.

7) Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Creme: I liked this but not enough to repurchase it. It was a little oily.
8) Olay Moisturizer: My mom actually repurchased this for me. It isn't too oily or greasy on my skin and I like how it has SPF in it.
9) Ulta Blackberry Cream Body Gel: I liked it but I want to buy more natural body washes.
10) Urban Decay sample: These were the complexion potion samples and I would consider buying the pore perfecting one but UD isn't fully cruelty free anymore.

11) Wet N Wild Mega Liner in Black: This ran out and I've repurchased it before. I like it a lot but I am very open to trying new things.
12) Jesse's Girl Pencil Liners: These just suck in my opinion. They fade and aren't pigmented so I have to tug on my eyes.
13) Eyeshadows: These shadows have been in my collection for too long but they have served their purpose. I don't want to keep old shadows in my collection anymore because I feel more inclined to use them versus my newer shadows.

I have moved into my apartment and will be posting pictures as soon as I get my bookshelf. This is the first time I've had internet in 5 days so that's why I haven't posted anything! 

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