Monday, November 18, 2013

Cherry Culture Haul

Last week NYX was on sale at Cherry Culture so I decided to use a Visa gift card I was given a year ago and buy some things I've been wanting to try!

As you can see, they were packaged nicely in a weird sort of mesh and tissue paper. The order took about a week or so to arrive as I picked the standard shipping option.

I bought the NYX Eye Makeup Remover- which I LOVE - HD Studio Foundation in Sand Beige, and four lipsticks which I will show you closer up in a bit. The Cherry Culture watermelon lip balm is something you can get for free by purchasing a certain amount on their website. There were no plastic packaging around anything but the makeup remover and the lip balm, which I found strange. Plus, the foundation had leaked out of the top, which was a bit annoying to clean up.

Honestly, I have only tried the lipstick in Hestia. I absolutely loved how dark it was but I was a little disappointed about its patchiness. (I have also lost my lip brush, so I was just applying it straight from the tube). 

The next few makeup mondays will include swatches and reviews of these lipsticks!

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