Monday, November 11, 2013

Lumene Waterproof Makeup Remover Review

I purchased this Lumene product for $5.99 at Ulta. I bought it on a whim, as I had just finished my Simple makeup remover and I needed a new one.

Here's a picture so you can get an idea of how much I have used of it. (You have to shake it before you use it so the oil gets mixed in.) 

It does work to get off waterproof makeup BUT it has definitely dried out my eyes so much that it burns to use this product now. Therefore I cannot recommend it for sensitive or dry skinned people. 

I did not experience dryness or pain when I use it on my lips, however. It does work pretty well to get off stubborn lipstick stains but that is really all I will use it for in the future. 

I hate that my first Makeup Monday post is a negative review- but my skin has been so dry lately that it's almost impossible to accurately review any other kind of makeup.

Happy Veteran's Day as well! 

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