Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday Self: Holiday Party

Yesterday my roommates and I had a small holiday party to commemorate not only the holidays, but the semester ending. It was a lot of fun to dress up, eat food, play games, and take goofy photos. 

We arranged for everyone to bring food (potluck style) so we didn't have to pay for everything and we got a variety of food to eat. Everyone was STUFFED!

I had worked an 8 hour day before this, so it was relaxing to put on some makeup and a fun lacy dress. I used ELF's Lip Stain in Red Carpet for bright red lips and NYX's Loose Pearl Eye Shadow in Nude to brighten up my inner corners.

It is sad to see many of my friends leave for the holidays but I'm so happy we all could come together before we separated. I won't see them for at least 3 weeks (a long time for us!).

What are your plans for the holidays?

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