Monday, January 13, 2014


Yes, I know. It's January and I'm wearing pink shadow. While I've never truly adhered my makeup to the seasons, I do take into account the weather. This was an especially sunny winter day and I felt like brightening up my eyes. I rarely wear color on my eyes now and thought this would be a good start.

As you may have noticed, I've been taking a bit of inspiration from The Beauty Department and have been adding more personal touches to my pictures and posts. I hope they're more interesting to look at now! They are, of course, by no means perfect though!

I'm actually really pleased with how this look came out. It's going to sound super weird but as I fall asleep, I tend to imagine what makeup look I'll do the next day. The night before this I imagined a golden pink lid with UD's Woodstock in the crease. Then I knew I would put Satin Sheets in my inner corner. I'm glad it came out so nice! The photo above is natural lighting.

After some indecision, I realized the look would look a lot better with some liner smudged on my top lash line. The photos above and below are taken with flash.

I really like the gradient effect and how the color isn't too out there. 

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