Monday, February 3, 2014

NYX's Enchanted Forest

I had wanted to use this glitter polish again for some time. As I'm trying to use up a mini army green polish, I thought it was the perfect time to use both!

The only complaint I have with this polish is how hard it is to get the bigger glitter pieces on my nails. I have to sort of set the glitter on my polish with the brush sideways, which isn't too difficult, but results in a thicker coat on my nails and obviously more time for it all to dry. 

Considering that this polish is only $3.50, I'm not too disappointed with it. It still applies well and doesn't make my nail polish chip any sooner than usual (which I find a lot of glitter polishes do). I'm sure I could have gotten more glitter on my nails if I spent more time but let's be real- with two jobs and college, I've been way too tired!

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