Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Affordable Beauty: ELF Haul! (Picture Heavy!)

This post will be the start of a new series appropriately titled Affordable Beauty. Through this series, I will share my experiences and tips for saving money on beauty. First up is a haul of a ton of ELF products I got for only $35!

Haul after the jump;

Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths: These are tried and true. No, they don't get all my makeup off, but they're great for removing eye makeup & after the gym to refresh!

Mascara & Shadow Shield: This is something I've been wanting to try. I use dark eyeshadow a lot and find it falls onto my face if I'm not careful. I've tried tissues but this seems more user friendly.

Blush brush: I've also been wanting to try out the Studio blush brush. I've had great experience with the Studio line of brushes so I don't think I'll be disappointed with this one. 

Small Angled Brush: I've been needing a new eyeliner brush and this was really inexpensive!

Studio Matte Lip Color: I bought one in Tea Rose (L) and Coral (R).

Studio Moisturizing Lipstick: I bought one in Rosy-Go-Round (L) and Ravishing Rose (R). 

Studio Lip Stain in Heartbreaker: This seems a lot darker in person. I haven't swatched it yet but I'll be reviewing it soon.

Studio Lip Exfoliator: I accidentally bought 2 of these! At least I only paid $3 for both of them :)

Studio Precision Liquid Eyeliner: This was $1.50 and I am so exited to try it out!

Studio Eye Refresh: I opened this up as soon as I got it. It worked really nicely. My eyes get dry easily so this was a nice refresher. This was also $1.50.

Studio Cream Eyeliner: I have already tried this out and LOVE it. I bought it after I heard my best friend raving about it. (Don't worry, I washed the brush before I used it on my eye!) 

Studio High Definition Powder: I've heard great things about this so I decided to buy it.

Studio Translucent Matifying Powder: I love powder for my oily skin so I wanted to try this out.

Essential Glitter Nail Polish: I bought one in Love Me (L) and Fairy Dust (R). I've only tried Love Me but I love it! These were $1 each.

Deal Breakdown;

ELF was having two "specials" when I ordered from them. 1. 50% off Best Sellers + New Products and 2. Free Shipping over $35. By taking advantage of both these deals, I got 50% off my order and qualified for free shipping. Basically I got $60 worth of makeup for $35. I bought a couple things that weren't on sale (I can't remember which) so that's why I got it to exactly $35. ELF is always having these types of deals so I recommend making a wishlist/adding items to your cart and then buying them when you find a good enough deal! You can even subscribe with your e-mail to get notified of the special offers and deals!

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