Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Affordable Beauty: Vitacost Haul

I'm back with another Affordable Beauty post! This time I thought I'd share how I save money on Vitacost products.

First off, the products were packaged very carefully. My oils were put in bags and bubble wrap to make sure they didn't break or spill. The food was put on the opposite side so they wouldn't get ruined in case the oils spilled.

My reason for buying on Vitacost was to buy coconut oil. I'd never tried it before but have heard many beauty vloggers talking about it.

While I was browsing, I happened upon avocado oil- something else I'd been meaning to try. This one had the best reviews for the price.

Since I was buying oils, I decided to check out what brands of argan oil were offered.This was the best value for the price.

I wanted free shipping and saw this special online-

Since my coconut oil was from Vitacost (the brand), I decided to check out what else they had. That's when I saw the food.

I thought I clicked the unsweetened banana chips but I guess not! Either way, these make a great snack. (I already opened the package on the right!)

These are so good! I've had my friends try them and they all liked them as well. The only gripe I have is how little you get in each package. (Once again, I've already opened the package on the right!)

These were the most expensive snack at around $6. Since they are organic and dark chocolate, I decided to splurge. Plus it got me to the free shipping mark ;D. (I've already tried these as well!)

Deal Breakdown;

Vitacost sells items for less than their retail price & they offer a $10 off code when you first sign up for them. Granted, this code only works for a few months so I would wait to sign up until you are for sure going to buy something.

With the promo code and free shipping, my total came out to $30.09!

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