Wednesday, April 9, 2014

ELF Glitter Nail Polishes Review

I showed these in a haul I posted a little while ago. Love Me is on the left and Fairy Dust is on the right. I was so excited to try these glitters out because I bought them for only $1 each. That's not bad at all for glitter polish. I quickly realized that these glitters are really only good for special events (or rather a short time period.)

Fairy Dust was the polish I was most excited to try. I knew it would look really cool on top of black polish. It has a certain iridescence that makes it look different in different lights and on different polishes.

Even though it chipped really easily, I am still excited to see how it looks over different colored polishes. On black it has beautiful hints of orange and gold.

Other than the chipping, the only thing that annoyed me was how difficult the bottle was to open. Basically some nail polish had dried inside the cap so it was almost impossible to open. To remedy it, I ran it under very hot water for five minutes and then used pliers to open it. After a couple tries of this method, it finally worked.

I painted my nails with Love Me next. I wore this as my birthday manicure and I got many compliments on it. These glitters make it easy to do a gradient because they're full of glitter but aren't too thick.

The biggest problem I have with this polish is how quickly it chips. It's barely been two days and already one of my nails has (painfully) broken off. 

 This glitter looks a lot nicer in person- these pictures don't do it justice.

So if you are making an ELF order and want to stock up on some glitter nail polish, I would buy them. According to the bottle, it's 3-free. Just keep in mind that you'll only be wearing the glitter for a few days!

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