Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Milani Ruby Valentine Lipstick Review

I think I have 4 Milani Color Statement lipsticks total and I will be reviewing all of them in the next couple weeks. This lipstick, in Ruby Valentine, has both good and bad qualities to it. It's a lipstick I hope to finish up by the end of 2014.

The swatch on the left is taken with flash while the one on the right is natural lighting. It's a very glossy and bright lipstick.

My favorite part of this lipstick is how it covers up my lip imperfections. As you can (barely) see, I have some dead skin on my bottom lip. This lipstick does not accentuate it, but rather covers it up!

Unfortunately, the wear time on this lipstick is pretty bad. I'm sure a lip liner would help, but I wanted to review this lipstick alone. After two hours, the inner part of my lip had faded. After four hours I had to press my lips together to even out the lipstick. And after six hours and eating a sandwich, I decided to just take the lipstick off completely. It had faded so much that I would have had to reapply it if I went outside my apartment. 

Overall, I would recommend this lipstick if you don't mind the wear time. The formula is very creamy and the color is beautiful. Plus, Milani is a cruelty free drugstore brand! I'll be trying this lipstick with a lip liner soon so I will let you know what happens!

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